PECS Phase III-Demo

Publicado el 15/1/2013

This demo video shows how to use the PECS Phase III app available for download on iPad and iPad mini.

Need help teaching picture discrimination in Phase III of PECS? The PECS™ Phase III App is an invaluable tool for teaching picture discrimination! The app, designed to look just like a PECS™ communication book permits a teacher to practice picture discrimination with one or several learners within a single session. Touching the correct icon results in immediate visual and auditory feedback from the device in a manner far quicker than a teacher is able to react. If the learner touches an incorrect icon, there is no significant feedback. A correct picture selection results in access to a desire item or activity!

This fantastic app comes loaded with 100 Pics for PECS™ images, male and female voices that include on/off options, and a customizable library that may be loaded with an individual’s own pictures from their computer or iPad®.

To purchase the PECS Phase III App go to the App Store and search “PECS Phase III.” If you are interested in finding out more about other apps created by Pyramid Educational Consultants, go to or email us at


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