Angelfish Therapy – Rib Mobility

Private session working on Rib Mobility

Angelfish Therapy – Pediatric Group Therapy DVD

The Pediatric Group Therapy DVD from Angelfish Therapy is a glimpse at Weeks 2 and 4 of our 4-week Jumpstart Angelfish class, which teaches parents and caregivers how to perform basic aquatic therapy with their children with special needs of a sensory, motor, or neurological nature. It’s a group experience that puts children in the pool with other children, with their parents and caregivers, and with the resident swim instructor, who also learns these therapy techniques.

Angelfish Therapy – Beginning Treatment – 2nd Session

Angelfish Therapy – Group Therapy Session

A view into group therapy session with 4 boys ranging in age from 6-9 years old. They are working on strength. motor planning, self regulation and the ability to start and stop there bodies. These boys have been with Angelfish for more than 3 years starting in a private and progressing to semiprivate. There parents requested a small group to further work on filtering out distraction, focus and social skills. These boys love the pool and dont even realize how hard thay are working.