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Pictograms to help autistic children

Kukuxumusu has collaborated with the Navarra Autism Association in the design of 54 images which will be used to identify 2, 000 establishments

Kukuxumusu has designed 58 pictograms with which the Navarra Autism Association (ANA) hope to help those who are affected by this syndrome. By means of placing these pictograms in 2.000 different establishments, made up of both private and public premises, the aim is to have the autistic children recognize the drawing in their agenda and the same drawing in the premises that they are in, thus facilitating the understanding of the daily activity to be found in the particular place.

This program set up by ANA is a pioneer one in Europe and it will allow for a graphic signaling of premises such as schools, commercial businesses, hospitals, health centers, tourist points, bars, restaurants, sports areas, etc. In addition to helping autistic children, it can also serve as a means of eliminating the language barrier when it comes to identifying a place, while it will also help to make the general public more aware of other means of communication for people who are special cases.

In addition to the work developed by Mikel Urmeneta and his team to help identify private establishments, the Project also has the collaboration of the Aragon Port of Alternative and Augmentative Communication who have been responsible for covering areas of a public character. Furthermore, each entity and private premises will shoulder the cost of their own pictogram.

These pictograms are drawings which represent objects and actions in a simplistic manner, they do not need any language elements as they do not represent words but rather realities and they do so by means of a figure or a symbol. As in these particular cases for autistic people, the pictogram is used to transmit a message of instant comprehension as they are both precise and clear.

The presentation of these pictograms took place today, Thursday, at the Pamplona Planetary Edifice in the presence of Amaya Áriz Argaya, president of the ANA (Navarra Autism Association), Mikel Urmeneta, from Kukuxumusu and Jesús Lorenzo, representing the Association of Commercial businesses in downtown Pamplona.

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Presentacion de los pictogramas de kukuxumusu para la Asociación de Autismo de Navarra


Publicado el 28/11/2013

Kukuxumusu ha diseñado 58 pictogramas con los que la Asociación Navarra de Autismo (ANA) pretende ayudar a los afectados por este síndrome. Mediante su colocación en 2.000 establecimientos públicos y privados, el objetivo es que los niños con autismo puedan ver la misma imagen en su agenda y en el lugar al que van, facilitando la comprensión de sus actividades cotidianas.
El programa impulsado por ANA es pionero en Europa y permitirá señalizar gráficamente lugares como comercios, colegios, hospitales, centros de salud, puntos de interés turístico, bares, restaurantes, recintos deportivos, etc. Además de ayudar a los niños con autismo, también servirá para eliminar la barrera del idioma a la hora de identificar un lugar y, de paso, sensibilizar hacia el autismo y otras vías de comunicación aumentativa.

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